The 1967 Chevy Camaro debuted on September 26th, 1966. 

The Camaro was the Bow Tie division’s answer to the wildly successful Ford Mustang. 

Chevrolet gave the Camaro a more streamlined appearance than the Ford, and used a

partial frame to help minimize noise and improve ride quality.

The rear portion of the car was a unibody design that helped save money and space.

Many of the Chevy Camaro options and option packages didn’t become available until 

 The Camaros with the Z/28 Special Performance Package didn’t start rolling

 the line until late December 1966, with cars finally hitting showroom floors

The Z/28 was aimed at the Sports Car Club of America Trans Am Racing series.

In order to qualify, the engine could displace no more than 305 cubic inches. 

Z/28 steward and COPO wizard Vince Piggins wanted to wring as much power as possible

out of the Small Block. Instead of building the ultimate 283, or developing