The Chevrolet Corvette C2 is already a distinctive machine, especially in terms of its timeless 1960s design

The owner of an example in Las Vegas wanted his to stand out to an even greater extent. 

To achieve this, he fitted a widebody kit and a straight-piped exhaust system to its big block V8 motor.

Shawn Davis hosts the AutopiaLA YouTube channel that explores some of the craziest builds 

applied to normal road cars. He decided to take a look around this awesome Corvette C2 

to find out how car builders, Nostalgia Hot Rods, came up with the final product.

Shawn introduced Dustin, the owner of Nostalgia Hot Rods and the custom C2 Corvette.

He explained that the owner of the sports car, George, had always loved the C2 generation

of Corvette and wanted a one-of-a-kind version that would stand out against all others.

George initially wanted the 1967 version of the Corvette due to some styling differences he preferred.

Unable to find one, he settled for a '65 model instead. From then on,

NHR sourced and installed the hood and side vents from a '67 model and integrated them