If value is among the factors driving your decision to switch to a Tesla, you should seek elsewhere.

Over a five-year period, the Model S from Tesla has the greatest depreciation rate among all EVs.

the Tesla Model 3 has the lowest depreciation if you're searching for a good deal on an EV.

It's noteworthy to note that Tesla EVs have a high to low value bookend.

To take a step back, however, we can also affirm that, over a five-year period, the EV

coming in at about 50%. Pickup vehicles and hybrids in the mid-30% range make up the best group. 

There are a number of reasons EVs don’t hold their value well. One is because of fears over battery life

The miles that pile on mean that the battery is closer to death, and that wipes out almost 

 Right now, the cost of replacement batteries is around $150 per kWh. 

As a result, any battery with around 100 kWh will run over $15,000 to replace.

Inching closer to that fact means falling prices because, you know, people 

have more information, like this post, for instance. But there are other reasons.