This restomod, which appears in a video from the YouTube channel Autotopia LA,

elevates the popular vintage small vehicle, the '69 Chevrolet Nova, to new heights.

The fact that the restomod is Joe Rogan's car—which Pure Vision Design commissioned

gives it even more prestige since it indicates that it is a high-end, well polished vehicle

The build, which is possibly one of the most modest full restomod builds out there

 and much more complicated than you would ever imagine from the outside

First up, under the hood is a painted, Chevy-orange supercharged LT4 V8, the same

Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 meaning it makes a minimum of 650 hp and 650 lb-ft.

GM had a hand in the engine for this particular build, and the team say that they didn’t

turn up the boost or make any further changes as the car is powerful enough as it is

it’s connected to a 6-speed Tremec manual transmission.

It certainly sounds strong, with a beautiful burble when the car gets turned on throughout