For the 1964 model year, the new Bow Tie A-Body option was the Chevy Chevelle

The Chevelle, being wildly popular, turned into one of Chevy's most profitable

wars, the Chevelle two-door and convertible would be formidable opponents.

General Motors will discontinue production of its full-power muscle vehicles with the 1970 model year

 The writing was on the wall with the introduction of federal emissions limits

 fuel economy requirements (which would be renamed Corporate Average Fuel Economy 

insurance companies becoming less willing to provide coverage for big-power street monsters.

 So, the General went all out for the 1970 manufacturing year. Big-displacement, big

power engines that would set the standard for the muscle car era were installed in GM

passenger vehicles, and the company's internal restriction restricting displacement 

This implied that the powerful 454 Big Block would be offered for Chevrolet's Chevelle

There were two distinct high-performance 454 Big Block variants of the Chevy Chevelle available