You’d think car enthusiasts would get tired of the countless drag races on YouTube, 

ut it’s hard to get rid of the need for speed. A new Hagerty YouTube video 

with Jason Cammisa matching up an unlikely automotive trio is a case in point

 Performance before, adding a decades-old BMW M5 mixes things up.

The idea of pitting an E39 M5 against two state-of-the-art EV sedans seems unfair on the surface

 The Model S Plaid regularly trounces all comers on the straightaway, 

Air Dream Edition isn’t too far behind. But this challenge gives the BMW a head start.

In other words, the Bimmer is already at 70 mph as it crosses the starting line

 The Tesla and Lucid begin the quarter-mile journey when the M5 crosses the mark.

Does giving the BMW a leg-up put its competitors at a disadvantage? Yes and no.

The M5 does beat the Air to the finish but gets trounced by the Model S.

 The refinement level is impressive, and the ride quality and driving dynamics have seen