Although AAA is a little late to the Ford F-150 Lightning party, it's still better than never, right?

 This electric vehicle has already been put through months of testing, with startling results

Therefore, the results of this AAA test for the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning weren't shocking. 

AAA made the decision to test the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning's capabilities behind the wheel. 

 In order to test the bed's endurance while towing sandbags, they placed 1,400 pounds 

 The load just fell 110 pounds short of their model's payload limit. 

The truck's range decreased to 210 miles from 274 miles after it was fully loaded

to accommodate the additional weight. Although the real-time range updates are useful and practical

The range and if the vehicle was driven by AAA were not mentioned. 

But when we, along with other automobile analysts, tested the F-150 Lightning with large

With a 5,000 pound camper, our F-150 Lightning lost 89 miles of range while we traveled 30 miles.

There weren't enough charging stations big enough to fit a medium camper