In the market for electric vehicles, Tesla has established the benchmark that all other high-end EV

companies must adhere to. At first, many thought Teslas were pricey. 

But the cost of Tesla models has drastically decreased recently. New models also

such as the Tesla Model 3, which is among the least expensive new EVs available right now.

The Tesla Model S, which is still among the best-performing cars in the world despite these new

more reasonably priced Tesla variants, is a flagship model that maintains its premium price point

 There is one BMW EV that is much more costly than a Tesla Model S in its most advanced configuration

The BMW i7 is an all-electric full-size luxury sedan, carrying the heritage of the 7 Series in EV form

The i7 comes in a variety of different models, but the top-of-the-line model is the i7 M70. I

In true BMW M form, the i7 M70 is a true performance sedan that aims to compete

with the best performance vehicles in the world. With this high-end M designation 

comes quite a hefty price tag, starting at $168,500 MSRP, according to BMW.