Though there's more options than ever before, Tesla is still the top brand for EV consumers. 

It's not even necessary to go for a less expensive brand when so many premium manufacturers 

are now making electric cars and SUVs. Consider these eight alternatives to the Tesla Model S.

Sales of the Model S on the Tesla website start at over $88,000, which is very pricey even by luxury

By contrast, Audi charges somewhat less than $50,000 for the Q4 e-tron.

Its range of 265 miles, as opposed to the Model S's 405 miles, may be a bit concerning. 

With its more back legroom, the Q4 e-tron could be a better choice for families.

BMW sells the i4 in three flavors, including the new-for-2023 eDrive35. It’s priced at merely $52,000

 The eDrive40 has 335 hp on tap and can be driven for 301 miles on a full battery.

The BMW i4 M50 only has 270 miles of range but an impressive output of 536 hp.

While still not as quick as the Tesla Model S, the i4 M50 can reportedly hit 60 mph 

In an Edmunds recap, test drivers noted that the G80 doesn’t provide the thrilling performance