The Chevy Camaro has been an iconic muscle car since it first burst on the scene in 1966

This amazing car has won the hearts and minds of many drivers

but there are some reasons why most people don’t turn to a 

Chevrolet Camaro when they want a car they can drive every day.

Here are six reasons why the Camaro is the wrong car for you.

In every way possible, the Camaro is a true muscle car. Regardless of the engine,

all the power is sent to the rear wheels, making the car front heavy and difficult t

If you’ve ever felt this muscle car fishtail out of control, you know exactly what we’re talking 

There’s a dichotomy of sorts when it comes to performance cars.

High-end supercars are often collected and never driven, but affordable muscle cars

ike the Camaro, are driven hard and rough.

This makes it difficult to find a used model that’s been gently owned.