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An ordinary week for Becky Powell involves creating digital worksheets that her fellow instructors can buy.

The 41-year-old Beaverton, Oregon, kindergarten teacher earned $125,500 for doing so last year, 

 per records that CNBC Make It examined. She uploads her worksheet booklets, 

which are intended to assist in teaching reading to younger pupils,

to her Teachers Pay Teachers online shop, which functions similarly to Etsy.

There are now 427 offerings in Powell's shop, Sight Word Activities, 

ranging from free downloads to a $30 bundle of 20 books. She claims that in only a few weeks

after starting the side job in 2015, she made enough money to cover her monthly auto insurance premium, 

Her and her husband's monthly student loan installments were paid for after three months thanks

Her classroom was her research lab, and her knack for teaching children to sight-read helped