Regarding how they handle electric cars, Rivian and Lucid are significantly unlike. 

Presently, Lucid manufactures the elegant and sophisticated Air sedan, whereas Rivian i

essentially an electric Subaru in that it is mostly focused on the great outdoors

 A car like as the Rivian R1T or R1S doesn't appear to be able to compete with the Lucid Air.

 However, the truth is that both of these EV firms are vying for attention in the car business,

In order to attempt to unseat Tesla, we must determine which of these two electric

manufacturers is using the best strategy. A method of finding out is to look at the things they sell. 

Let's see which will become the new favorite among the two very different sets of cars 

Rivian was the first to the market to make electric vehicles that compare

The quad motor setup allows for supreme control of each wheel that even a dual motor setup

 could not achieve. A towing capacity of 11,000 lbs is also a significant positive

, as it can tow almost anything you need if you can cope with a shorter range.