Even though hauling significantly affects a truck's operating range, electric trucks

still fall short of conventional internal combustion pickups in certain situations

However, these electrified workhorses can make up for these shortcomings in other situations

A good illustration of this is the usefulness of the Ford F-150 Lightning,

which has a trunk that holds 14.1 cubic feet of storage—a whole cubic foot more than the trunk 

Although many purchasers use full-size trucks as family vehicles, they are still primarily 

And that's when having the frunk on the F-150 Lightning comes in handy.

Two 120V plugs located within the frunk enable the use of electric tools and equipment right

When not in use, the outlets may also be utilized to charge equipment or tool batteries

Even better, when you have to visit the home improvement shop for the 23rd time this week

 you won't have to worry about someone stealing your tools since the frunk is locked.

When you need to transfer merchandise that you don't want to put in the bed but still need