The Chevy Camaro is an iconic muscle car that delivers aggressive power,

and amazing speed. When you’re looking for a Chevy sports car

that can tear up the track, look cool, or just show off, it’s hard to be that Camaro. 

What are the most common Chevy Camaro problems, and how do they impact the reliabilit

Unlike some of the more popular vehicles in the market

the Chevy Camaro doesn’t have a long history of owners reporting problems.

Still, RepairPal has collected data to show the three most common Chevy Camaro 

The total numbers of these three problems barely cross the threshold for using “hundreds”

as a descriptor, but it does reach that barrier.

When this issue shows up, the anti-theft system using the raised-chip key prevents the

The fix for this problem is to replace the key and ignition lock cylinder. 

This problem occurs because the wires in the steering column to the ignition l