For any gearhead, having to sell a beloved car for whatever

 reason is difficult, and YouTuber Emelia Hartford had this very problem. 

She had to get rid of her grandmother's 1987 Buick Regal drag car in order to create

Despite her intention to sell it, she chose to keep its twin-turbo LS V8 engine 

install it in her 1969 Chevrolet Camaro instead. 

She had to start the machine to ensure the procedure went well,

but the end product was a stunning muscle automobile with 1,200 horsepower

After barely four weeks of effort, Emelia unveiled her almost completed 1969 Chevrolet

 Camaro in her newest video. The main attraction was the 408 ci LS V8 engine she had removed 

from her Regal drag racer, whose chassis she had given to Sandy, her technician. 

Two turbos enable the incredible 1,200 horsepower that this beastly engine is capable of producing.

A six-speed Magnum manual gearbox is paired to the storied LS powerplant to provide