Here's a battle between a 2016 German hot hatch from Volkswagen 

a Chevrolet pony car from the 1980s, two vehicles you probably never imagined

 The only similarity between them in Auto Glory's latest video is their comparable

which gives them a similar chance in a straight-up road race. Even though the race is short, 

, it offers us an opportunity to consider the vehicles themselves, examine the standard 

characteristics of each model, and lastly examine the current valuations for each model.

This nighttime road race is not an official drag race nor a scientific evaluation of the two amateur 

 Instead, it's a quick rolling race starting at 60 mph to see which of these fast automobiles 

The little film clip gives us a glimpse into the highlights of each car's powertrains, which 

which certainly seem to be quite remarkable. 

The owner of the Golf GTI believes that the vehicle has around 500 horsepower, 

the Camaro ought to have about 500 horsepower as well, according to Auto Glory.