For the 1964 model year, Chevrolet added the Chevy Chevelle to its range

Constructed on the mid-size A-body architecture, the Chevelle emerged

as General Motors' most prosperous mid-size vehicle.

In the 1960s muscle car battles, the Chevy Chevelle developed into one of the main players.

The hairy-chested beast that was the Chevy Chevelle SS Big Block would see its last

year of production in 1970 because insurance companies were no longer willing to cove

This meant that the days of the huge power muscle vehicles were running out, especially i

 federal emissions limits and corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) requirements.

General Motors removed their earlier internal directive capping the displacement of mid-size passenger

vehicles at 400 cubic inches in order to set a new benchmark for its 1970 muscle cars. 

 The gauntlet had been thrown down, and the gloves were off.

The 1970 model year saw new design for the Chevy Chevelle. The roofline was changed, t