Car manufacturers have been popping up like wild mushrooms over the last few years, 

some of them have created truly amazing and innovative vehicles. Brands like Canoo, 

Genesis, and Karma are just a few of them. However, there is a brand that has made quite an impact

especially since its rebranding in 2016, and it is none other than Lucid Motors.

The company's flagship luxury EV is called the Lucid Air and comes in many trims, some being reasonably

priced and others being for deeper pockets. One thing is for certain though:

there is some fine craftsmanship going on, both in the interior and exterior design as well 

The Lucid Air was first announced in November 2020. Since then, multiple iterations 

 the car have gone into production including the Pure, Touring, Grand Touring, Dream Edition Range,

Dream Edition Performance which is also the main one we'll be referencing in this post. 

The starting price for one of these futuristic luxury sedans is just $77,400

making it a fierce competitor to Tesla's Model S.Starting off with part of the interior design,