The electric car market has been dominated by a single name for a long time.

Tesla has consistently produced excellent electric cars that featured some of the

best auto technology in the industry. This includes their world-famous

autonomous driving mode and convenience features that make living with the car effortless.

Tesla has also managed to create some seriously quick electric cars with dynamic software 

to extract every last drop of performance out of the package. This is why the latest Plaid 

models can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in well under 3 seconds. 

However, the Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance manages to match the performance

The Lucid Air is a family sedan that looks and feels modern in every sense of the word.

The exterior design of the car is fairly standard but has dynamic lines that help make

 the car look and feel sleek and classy. 

The car was also designed with aerodynamics in mind as every curve is placed to direct air over the car with ease.

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