As more people switch to electric cars and give up on combustion engines, EVs are becoming 

 more and more popular around the world. When it comes to electric automobiles, 

Tesla remains the leading brand because of its well-established reputation

In 2021, Tesla's Model 3 became the first electric vehicle to sell one million units worldwide.

In recent history, Tesla became the first automaker to sell two million electric cars. 

Although the carmaker isn't slowing down, used models of their vehicles should become 

more prevalent in the secondhand market as more and more of their EVs become accessible. 

Prior to purchasing your own used Tesla and joining the EV bandwagon, it's crucial to

Problems related to the door handle and latch are commonly reported online with Teslas

One owner on CarComplaints even mentions that they had to get the articulating handle

 Another owner reports trouble opening the front passenger door from outside.

These occurrences have been reported on the 2013 Tesla Model S.