The automotive landscape is beginning to take form, and it doesn't resemble anything we've ever seen. 

Our existing gas-guzzlers will appear like dinosaurs compared to the electric

 hybrid automobiles that will proliferate during the next ten years. Hybrid and electric 

vehicles are already commonplace and are becoming more superior.

This list will walk you through some of the greatest alternatives now available 

tell you what to anticipate in terms of performance, range, and features if you're considering 

purchasing an EV or hybrid soon. Perhaps you're considering purchasing an electric 

maybe you're simply looking to buy the finest models available this year. We have everything covered

If you're wondering why we think this vehicle is one of the best for the year

 It's because it's the best hybrid and electric vehicle in the world (yet again).

It has all the things that made the "OG" Toyota Prius so great, like its simple design

 its high-tech interior, and its amazing fuel economy. But this one is even more advanced