Sports cars with mid-engines are known for their balanced handling, corner carving

and pure driving pleasure as they have engines between the front and rear axles. 

Dropping in as the 5th model year for the 8th-generation

Chevy Corvette is all set to steamroll the competition. Stocked with 495 horsepower

an LT2 V8 engine, and 470 lb-ft torque, it could potentially revolutionize the automotive world 

However, if you're in the market, looking for a mid-engine sports car, and want some alternatives to consider

Today, we'll explore 10 affordable mid-engine alternatives to the 2024 Chevy Corvette

 that could give a race for its money. We'll dig deep into their specifications, pricing,

unique features, empowering you to make a wise buying decision.No matter what trim of the 2002

Porsche Boxster you choose, it is a coupe that delights drivers with engaging driving capabilities.

Combined with its lightweight construction and compact design, the mid-engine layout 

distribution that helps in the car's sterling handling, as it provides stability when cornering.