The Chevy Silverado HD vehicles are outsold by Ford Super Duty trucks, but the bowtie brand 

one more feather in its crown. When it comes to doing heavy lifting and completing tasks,

the Chevrolet Silverado HD can be an amazing vehicle. This pickup outperforms

 the Ford trucks in terms of reliability and has remarkable towing power, payload capacity,

, and a roomy interior that can accommodate the whole work crew.

There are two surveys that J.D. Power uses to gauge how reliable a vehicle is.

The Initial Quality Survey (IQS) is the initial survey, carried out ninety days following

The Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS), conducted by J.D. Power after three years on the market

J.D. Power conducts two different surveys to determine the dependability of vehicles.

 The first study, conducted after 90 days of ownership, is called the Initial Quality Survey (IQS). 

After three years in the market, J.D. Power conducts the Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS)

to learn which vehicles have continued to be quality performers.