In 2018, Tesla's flagship Model S was heralded as the second fastest-selling used automobile overall

 internal combustion engine vehicles, and the fastest-selling pre-owned electric car in the United States.

It currently ranks dead last in a recent research, reflecting a striking shift in customer taste.

That’s right, a used Model S takes an average of 88.3 days to sell compared to a national average

49.2 for all secondhand vehicles and 34.4 days for the fastest seller, the Honda HR-V. 

Even the Model S’s sibling, the Model Y crossover, only lasts 47.6 days on the used market 

which is good enough to make it the fastest-selling used EV.

So what’s the reasoning behind the Model S collecting dust on used car lots? 

It’s still a handsome looking car and performance has been steadily ratcheted up over

 the years, but there’s no debating that the design is getting old.

How old? The Model S was developed when George Bush was still in the White House

 That was followed by a prototype in 2009 and the eventual production version emerging in 2012.